cvui 2.0.0 is out!

I am pleased to inform that version 2.0.0 of cvui is out! cvui is a simple UI lib built on top of OpenCV drawing primitives. This post is a bit overdue since the release happened in May, but better late than never.


Version 2.0.0 is packed with new features, however the API remains the same, so it is quite easy to upgrade. The inner parts of cvui have been completely overhauled, allowing better support for old versions of OpenCV, e.g. 2.x.

Here is a complete list of additions and changes (including CI builds):



One of the things I am most happy about this release is that cvui is now a header-only lib. I am a huge fan of such approaches since they are easy to integrate and use in a project. Additionally there is a new website full of documentation and examples related to cvui.

Following the release of version 2.0.0, I made a guest post at about cvui. It highlights the true nature of the project, which is allowing developers to do a lot with very few lines of code. For example, the following application has 37 lines of C++ code (including blank lines as well):


I also want to thank all contributors that have helped improve cvui! If you have not tried cvui yourself, take it for a ride.