My new year’s resolutions for 2013

Last year was amazing! It was my second year working as a professor, something really different from the life I used to have as a game developer at Decadium. I experimented much more and the overall was pretty good. I am happy with the results :)

I got so many ideas during last year that I end up surrounded by a vortex of them. Lots of those ideas came to reality, but a huge amount is still out there, waiting to be implemented. This year I will try to stick with the list below, my year’s resolutions for 2013:

All right! That’s quite a list. If I accomplish half of it, it will be a huge step per se. I’ve noticed I’m some sort of TODO list addicted. No matter if I accomplish the items, as long as I have a ton of them. Pretty creepy. I’ll work on improving that too.

It’s time to keep the focus and work hard. The problem with a big list like that is the first step: where should I start?