SWFConsole: enhance the power of your Flash games

TerminalSometime ago I was working on a Flash game and I had to output some information to the console. That’s a very easy task when you use trace() and the Flash IDE, but things get a little harder when you need to output text inside the browser.

Looking for a tool that could help me output text, I found SWFConsole.  It is a free developer tool for Flash AS3 projects that gives you output in all environments, not just the IDE. You can type commands in order  to manipulate Movieclips in the stage,  such as myMovieclip.alpha = 0.3.

SWFConsole also has a built in resource monitor that shows FPS and memory usage, pretty useful for game developers. I miss some features as listeners to handle custom commands and a method to “enable/disable” the console instead of  showing or hiding  it, but it does not make  the tool less useful.

If you are a Flash game developer, SWFConsole can make your life easier!