Games are a significant part of my professional experience. Below is a break down of all my gamedev activities.

Open-source tools aimed at gamedev

My work at Decadium Studios 2004 to 2011

Decadium Studios was a game developer company that my friends and I funded in 2003/2004. During my time at the company, I worked on several games directly (as a developer, manager, etc) or indirectly (participating in meetings, creating supporting tools, etc).


Ryudragon was an important step in my game developer career. It was a web-based MMO RPG game, the very first game the company published. I worked in the game for almost 7 years (2004 to 2011), since its conception to final days of life. It was part of UOL Games (the largest Internet content provider in Brazil) and it made the news on newspapers severals times in a state- and national-wide reach. Towards the end of its life, Ryudragon had been played by almost 300.000 players.

Other games

In total, we released 2 casual PC games (Aquadum and Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets), 3 MMO browser games (Ryudragon, Warjin and Guerra Secreta), 1 3D game (a soccer one that was part of a marketing campaign for a big Brazilian company) and 27 casual Flash games.

Below is a list of all games I worked directly or indirectly (all copyrights and trademarks belong to theirs respective owners):

Games I worked on while at Decadium

My games as an indie game developer

Those are the games I made as an indie game developer.

icon_72 Station Siege
Protect the stations from enemy waves! Improve your stations over time to make them even better against the enemy threat.
icon_72 Blacksmith Dash
It's a busy day at this blacksmith shop! Guide the customers to the right place in the store. Pay attention to the orders and don't lose focus!
icon_72 Squared Puzzle
Swap the squares until you assemble the picture. Choose from three difficulty levels: easy (piece of cake), normal (spend some time) and hard (brain melting).
icon_72 Spell Cracking
How powerful is your memory? Find out with this puzzle! You have a few seconds to memorize the spell sequence, then you must reproduce it accurately.
icon_72 Madly Angry Cat
You are the last cat remaining in a post apocalypse zombie world. Use weapons and Kung Fu skills to fight the enemies and survive!