Goodbye Wordpress, hello Github Pages!

It took a lot more than I wanted it to take, but I finally concluded the move from Wordpress to Github Pages! Finally my personal website (this one you are reading) runs in a static fashion, without PHP, databases and all that useful-but-not-for-my-personal-website stuff.

I enjoyed Wordpress from the very beginning, it has a nice set of features and helps you write and manage content. During the last year or so, however, it was standing in my way. The template I was using was already showing signs of aging, some things were breaking and, last but not least, I had to pay constant attention to security patches/updates. Not anymore! Now I can use my daily code editor to write content using Markdown and publish it to the magic clouds of Github with a git push command.

I hope the move will encourage me to blog more often, which is something I have being trying to do lately. Time will tell if that worked or not :)