FlashDevelop: a powerfull and free AS3 development tool

If you work with Flash like I do you probably have said a bunch of bad words while you were coding AS3 using the native Flash IDE AS editor. I like Adobe, I really do, Flash can do amazing things and the IDE is getting more and more powerfull, however as a AS3 project manager, the Flash IDE sucks.

I could have saved tons of working hours if Flash IDE had some sort of smart code completion, or if it had a better project manager panel (a simple one that hides the SVN directories, for instance). The logical choise for me would be change to another IDE or methodology, such as Flex Buider, but sometimes I’m binded to the Flash IDE because I can’t use a different approach.

Tired of wasting my time coding like that, I’ve decided to search for a better AS3 development tools. Thanks to the open source community, I’ve found FlashDevelop, a  free and open source ActionScript 2/3 and web development environment.  It seemlessly integrates with Adobe Flash IDE{.postlink}, Adobe Flex SDK{.postlink}, Mtasc{.postlink}, Haxe{.postlink} and Swfmill{.postlink}.

Some of the features:

FlashDevelop has enhanced my production cycle and I think it can do the same for you. Download it now and enjoy!